Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Newsroom

Dear world.
There is this new show on HBO called The Newsroom. I watched the season premiere and was very inspired. I guess I am already a journalist cause of my blog.But working in a newsroom seemed very exciting. Working as a producer seems interesting, but I think I would rather be in front of the camera. I wonder if they would consider me as a co-anchor?
Love always,


  1. Bear, I'm glad you too are watching this new and excellent show.
    I think your mom is ready to work as a reporter. She has tons of experience with the camera.

  2. My Mama iz watchin dat show too, but we duzznt haz HBO so she watches at my hyooman brofur's howse. We fink you cud be a co-anchor! You'd bring in da important anipal demographic!

  3. I think you would look great in front of the camera. We already know you are a furtastic journalist.

  4. Oh Bear , looking good & you are a natural news hound. Have a happy Monday!
    Best wishes Molly