Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Gift for Mom

Dear world,
For Mother’s Day I wanted to get Mom something that would always make her think of me. So when I saw this painting by Tom Mosser, I just had to order a print. Even though Tom used his boy Lucas as a model, I think it looks just like me. And the tennis ball looks exactly like mine! Mom said yesterday that her Mother’s Day gift is just having me at home with her. But I know this gift will always make her smile, even if I am not around. And I love making Mom smile.
Happy Mother’s Day to Mom’s everywhere.
Love always,


  1. Bear, that painting really shows who you are. How many times mom has bribe you for a picture with your tennis ball. 98% of the time?
    On the other side, you being home must be a bigger gift to your mom.
    Happy Mother's Day Bear's mom.

  2. Grrrrrrrrrrreat gift! :o)
    Please don't get sick no more! Stay strong my friend! *woof*

  3. Happy Mother's Day to ur Mom! I think that print does look like you, Bear. I'm with your Mom, the best gift is that you are home with her!

  4. You are looking more your handsome and bright eyed self today Bear, that is a good Mother's Day pressie too ! I would be a little worried how Mum is going to decorate your shaved bits next week ! Cool Sweatbands OK. Have a Super Sunday ! ! !

  5. You have such excellent taste in art! We're so glad to see that you're home to spend Mother's Day with your mom. That makes it so very special.

    Your fellow Retrievers & Friends adoptee,
    Bob (my mom is the one from Hawaii)

  6. You home with her is the only gift your mom truly wants. Nothing else could make her happier. Good thoughts for continued healing.

  7. BOL BOL BOL ... that looks like MY tennis ball !! *laughs* It is a pawsome painting *admiring* Hope your healing is going well, dear Bear xx

  8. That painting looks just like you Bear. What a thoughtful gift to get mom.

  9. Perfect, Bear! You know just the right thing to get for your Mom.