Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Full house

Dear world,
The other day we went to PetSmart and. I saw too adorable kitties for adoption. I asked Dad if we could get them. He told me that since we got Annie, that makes three and that is all we can have in the house. But I told him that three canines and two felines would make a full house. Dad said we already have a full house with three canines and two humans. I guess that beats my full house.
Love always,


  1. Awww those two kittens look so sweet too. Darn humans, I don't understand when they say we can't have another animal to play with. Sigh!

  2. Those kittehs sure are cute. My mama alwayze sez we can't have anymore either cuz there are 3 of us too. It's nice u wanted to adopt kittehs. I'm not sure how I'd feel abowt doggies. :)

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  4. You have such a tender heart Bear ! Winslow says those kitties look tasty ! But he is just joking !

  5. It's the thought that counts, and it was very thoughtful of you to want to take them home. We can tell they're thinking it would be great to have you for a big brofur.

    OurGirl says tabbies are her favorites, but we're not supposed to know that. Julie is the only tabby, but she doesn't tell the rest of us neener, neener. Rocket and Chin are black, Zhaan and Daisy are Calico/Tortie and Annie, Pom and Freddie are Tuxies. That makes 8!! Plus, when OurGirl met OurBoy, he had 7 dogs!!! We don't have any right now though.

    We think the County looks the other way because we all have licenses and are well-behaved. Too bad you don't live up here in Sacramento. Of course, then you wouldn't be able to go to the Beach every day.

    Love and loud purring from RainbowCatsx8