Sunday, January 13, 2013

Annie's Spa Review

Dear world,
I asked Annie to review her experience at The Boulevard Dog in Del Mar. So she wrote:
"First I had  a soothing warm bubble bath with a wonderful massage. Then I was blow dried with warm fragrant air. I asked for a Californai Girl Cocker cut and it was expertyly styled.  As a final touch I had my nails done. To complement my new look, I received a fashionable retro red polka dot bandana. Overall, I give 5 stars to my spa experience with Sara!"
Annie is obviously adjusting well to her new life.
Love always,


  1. Annie is all set for a photo shoot :)

  2. Annie I bet you r one happy girl! You sure look beautiful after your spa day. You did a great review. Maybe you can start a career as a reviewer!

  3. is that you Annie? you look gorgeous. like the girl that cut your hair :)

  4. Maybe there'll be another diva and fashionista in the family; your mom and dad will have to rescue another boy to balance the family out.., would you like that Bear?
    Ronnie the red tabby

    1. Oh of course I would love that! But M&D says we are not allowed any more dogs where we live. M&D would have a large bunch if they could!Great thought though! BearHUGs!

  5. Annie thanks everyone for the compliments! BearHUGs!

  6. That's so nice that Annie loved her spa day. And she looks just gorgeous. She's ready for the red carpet!

  7. Wow, Annie! You look gorgemous.

  8. Oh! So sweet and shiny. And we bet her fur is silky smooth, too. We like the puffy legs! In that one pic with the wind machine, she looks like she's posing for the cover of Glamour Dog magazine.
    Love and appreciative purrs from RainbowCatsx8

  9. Annie you are GORGEOUS! WOW! So happy for you!