Saturday, November 24, 2012

Get Well Cupcakes

Dear world,
My sis Sydne and niece Bunnybell ended up spending Thanksgiving weekend with us. They were supposed to be away, but Bunnybell got attacked by a dog on Wednesday. So plans changed. As you can see, Bunnybell is doing OK now. We got her Get Well cupcakes and she shared them with me. (Rosy won't eat cupcakes, she thinks they are too fattening). Anyway, I love Bunnybell very much. I am so thankful that she is OK. She is very thankful that she gets to recuperate at our house where her Grandbunnies give her lots of special treats!
Love always,


  1. Oh, no. Poor Bunnybell---I bet that was very scary. I'm so glad you had such yummy cupcakes to help her feel better. You are a good furiend, Bear.

  2. Poor Bunnybell, glad she's ok now. You take good care of her this weekend Bear, maybe a walk on the beach and lots of treats.
    Ronnie the red tabby

  3. Oh No, poor Bunnybell! So happy to hear she's ok now. I know you will take great care uv her, Bear. She's so lucky to have u n your Mom n Dad n Rosy in addition to her Mom. Get well soon, Bunnybell! (Cupcakes look good)

  4. Oh geez, paws crossed for Bunnybell, hope she gets better <3

  5. How scary!! We don't see any casts or bandages, so Sweet Lil' Bun is a very lucky girl. And she's lucky to have you all taking such good care of her. A long weekend of resting and cupcakes is just what the doctor ordered. Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

    P.S. We bet if those were tuna cupcakes Rosebud might eat one!!

  6. Bear, I can only imagine Sydne reaction. I know how much she loves Bunnybell. But now she is surrounded by your loving family and I'm sure she will get even more attention than normal.

  7. Poor Bunnybell! We are so glad that she is OK. She is very lucky to have you in her life. You are such a very special, sweet, handsome, wonderful boy. We love you!