Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beach Pizza

Dear world,
The other day I took a long walk with Mom and Rosy on the beach. Then we went to the park above the beach to rest. I was tired, so I thought I was dreaming when I saw Dad walk over with a pizza. A pizza picnic at the beach! Life doesnt get much better than that.
Love always,


  1. What a great view! And a tasty pizza as a bonus. You're a very lucky dog...every day, but especially this one! RainbowCatsx8 are meowing a picnic song for you ~ "A day by the sea, a yum pizza and me, la la la la la wheeee"

  2. Bear, do you really get to eat pizza that often or are you such a good boy with food that you can just pose for the picture without eating it?

  3. Yah. I get pizza about 2 times per month. And on special occasions like pizza month or my birthday I get extra. I know. I am very lucky! BearHUG!

    1. I've never had pizza but Sammi liked to eat the feta cheese from mom's pizza. It's really salty, which kitties like.

  4. Bear, you might be dead because that looks like heaven to me. That looks incredible. Beach & pizza... mmmm

  5. Hi Bear! You have really good hoomans! Your BearMama takes you on long beach walks & your BearDaddy even brings you pizza on the beach! You're a loved Bear! Your hoomans love you and you gots a lot of friends that love you too! Pawhugs!

  6. What a life you have Bear! Dat sownds like you had fun!