Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girls Weekend

Dear world,
Rosy is going to Los Angeles this weekend to visit Sydne and Bunnybell. She asked me to help her pack. I told Rosy she is bringing way too much for 3 days. She said she is just bringing essentials for a girls weekend. -  a housegift of wine, pink blankets, a party dress, raincoat, hat,, assorted harnesses and leashes, kibble, chicken soup,  treats, her fave toys, her pink bag and her tiara.  I just don't get girls.
Love always,


  1. That is gonna be one big suitcase Bear. Have a good day and wishing Rosy a good trip.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. ha ha - now Bear, you and I could go for a weekened with just our kibble, a couple of treats, and a bed to sleep on. What's with the girls!!

  3. LOL! Really, Bear...she' packing light. After all, girls need adequate accessories! xxx

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  5. The kitties & I hope Rosy has fun on her trip. We know you will miss her but it will give you a chance to get some extra attention from your hoomans.

  6. WoW Bear, gurls r so.. well.. gurly! Mai sisfur China sez da tiara is da most important fing Rosy's taking!

  7. A girl needs what a girl needs! And Rosy is a bootiful ladydoggie!

  8. Bear, you and I know they don't really need to pack so much but they don't so its best if we keep quiet!